Virginia Water Lake

Virginia Water Lake lies in the southern corner of Windsor Great Park, near Windsor and Ascot. It is a great place for a hearty nature walk, or cycling, with several points of interest along the way or nearby. The circuit around the entire lake is about 7.2 km long (4.5 miles).

In September 2013, the new Virginia Water Pavilion, offering facilities for visitors to Virginia Water Lake, was formally opened.


If you allow time to stop at the various points of interest, a round trip around the lake can easily take 3 hours at least. About half of the way is paved and the remaining part is also negotiable with wheels such as a pram.

Unless you go all the way around the lake, there is no simple option for any round trip on the North side. If, for example, you just want to pay a short visit to the Leptis Magna Ruins, your best option is to go back the way you came.


Swimming in the lake is not allowed, but there's a pleasant beach-type clearing near the Leptis Magna Ruins. It is suitable for just having a rest, a picnic or playing with the little ones.

If you go to the Obelisk in the Valley Gardens, there are a kiddies play area and picnic benches near Obelisk Pond.

What to consider

The area can be wet and muddy, even in the summer, and solid foortwear is recommended any time of year. It's also worth noting that the ascent is exposed and the wind can get quite cold at times.

General Information