From easy buggy walks to extensive hikes

From easy short buggy walks to demanding long hikes, the Thames Valley offers great walks for everyone.

All walks in this section are what we would call low to medium intensity. The accessibility section in each page gives some guidance regarding different requirements.

Burnham Beeches
A popular destination known for its beauty and great old beech trees.
Lardon Chase
A good area for short to medium length walks it offers a great view of the river.
Little Wittenham
Little Wittenham is a must for anyone interested in wildlife and also offers a few spots of [...]
The Thames Path
The popular trail offers great views of the river and can mostly be walked or cycled.
The Thames Source
A peaceful hike through meadows from near Kemble to the source of the river.
Virginia Water Lake
Virginia Water Lake lies in the southern corner of Windsor Great Park.
Pictured Walks
A selection of walks in detail with pictures from start to finish.

Black Park

Extensive woodlands allow for good walking - anything from 30 minutes to several hours. Special habitat trails, such as the Alder Carr, inform visitors about predominant species. Many of the paths are suitable for walking and cycling, regardless of the weather.

Adjacent to the east side of Black Park is Pinewood Studios, although unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in. Still, there are some special cinematic trails which take you through the areas where scenes of films such as The Crying Game, Dracula and Goldfinger where shot.

Blenheim Park

Many of the paths are tarred, making for easy walking in most areas. The walks don't really need any description - the park is beautiful in whichever direction you go, and if you start at Blenheim Palace you will always find your way back easily.

You can easily walk for a number of hours, and there are many places to simply sit and relax, so depending on how long you intend to stay it might be worth taking a packed lunch.

Cookham and beyond

If you fancy venturing outside of the immediate Cookham area for a longer walk, we recomment the Winter Hill walk. Even if you don't go all the way to the top, it offers some fabulous views across Cookham and the River Thames.

Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill and the surrounding countryside cover a vast area with many public footpaths through woodlands and across open land. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy some spectacular views of the Chilterns along the way.

Located on the edge of the car park is a board showing several circular walks and there also is a Nature Trail. If you like a good walk, we recommend obtaining a copy of Ordnance Survey Landranger 165 and exploring the area according to your taste and ability.

Langley Country Park

Whether you like walking through woods, open areas or natural gardens this park will appeal to all.

Some of the paths are defined by the treelines but it is not necessary to follow particular routes, walking is easy in most areas. Depending on the time of year the gardens are a beautiful display of colour.

West Wycombe Hill

West Wycombe Hill offers great walks of low to medium intensity, as well as some interesting historic remnants. At the top of the hill you you are rewarded with some fabulous views across the Chilterns.

For the shortest circular walk, about 4km (~ 2.5 miles), follow the ridge path from the car park at the top of the hill. Take the first turning to your right after about 1.5km (~1 mile), then take the next right turn shortly after. From here, the path will lead you back to the beginning.

Longer walks can be taken through woodlands along the ridge.

Windsor Great Park

You can easily walk for several hours along paved and unpaved roads and paths. If you don't want to walk for too long, it is advisable to determine the route in advance (ielse you might end up walking for much longer than intended), For shorter walks, the Valley Gardens are ideal.

One of several popular destinations in Windsor Great Park is The Copper Horse statue of King George III, atop Snow Hill. It is in the Deer Park, a fairly easy walk away from Old Windsor (~ 4km or 2.5 miles). With a bit of luck, you might spot a herd of deer along the way, and from the top you get a fabulous view of the Long Walk and Windsor Castle in the distance.

On the southern edge of Windsor Great Park lies Virginia Water Lake, which also is a great destination for a day out, particularly if you like cycling or hearty, long walks.