Wallingford Riverside Meadows

Wallingford meadows, just outside of historic Wallingford, are a beautiful destination to while away some time by the River Thames. There’s plenty of space for picnics and outdoor games, and a paddling pool popular with the kiddies.

The meadows overlook the site of an ancient ford and contain the remains of bridgehead fortifications. Their significance dates back to at least 3000 years. The site is now owned and managed by South Oxfordshire District Council. The Riverside Meadows are managed using traditional methods encourage wildflowers and other wildlife, and to allow people lo use ii for quiet enjoyment.

view from Wallingford Bridge
view from Wallingford Bridge

Surrounding Area

A pub and beer garden are just across the impressive Wallingford Bridge, which dates back to medieval times. There you can get refreshments and also a great view of the stone arch bridge and the River Thames.

The historic town centre of Wallingford is just a short stroll on from the pub. There you can enjoy the great combination of historic architecture with modern shops and facilities.

General Information

  • How to get there

    Castle Lane
    OX10 0BY