Meet the local ghosts: the Hell-Fire Caves

West Wycombe Caves, also known as the Hell-Fire Caves, are situated above the village of West Wycombe, near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Winding passages extending over a quarter of a mile underground lead past various small chambers to the Banqueting Hall.

Further down you cross the River Styx, which, according to mythology, separated the living world from the Underworld. You finally reach the Inner Temple are are now about 100m (300 feet) beneath St Lawrence's Church with its Golden Ball on the top of the hill.

The caves were excavated between 1748 and 1752 for Francis Dashwood, founder of the Dilettanti Society and co-founder of the Hellfire Club, whose meetings were held in the caves.

Points of Interest

...rumour has it, there a a few residential ghosts - perhaps with a bit of luck you will spot one!

Starting at the impressive flint entrance, which was made to look like a Gothic church, the man-made cave system extends 500 metres (0.25 miles) underground, directly beneath St Lawrence's Church and Mausoleum.

Specials offered include children's parties, paranormal investigations and group bookings.

General Information

  • Address

    Church Lane
    West Wycombe, High Wycombe
    Buckinghamshire HP14 3AH

  • Parking

    There's no parking directly by the caves, but there's a large car park below, just a short stroll away. From there you can walk across the field or along the small road to the entrance.

  • Further Information

    A contact form is available in their website
    (+44) (0)1494 533739