Roman Silchester pictured walk

Roman Silchester is home to a large excavations site, where the lron Age occupation underlying the Roman settlement is being excavated.

There are several walks of varying lengths that can be taken around Roman Silchester, including some completely level ones along solid paths. The one shown here is a bit longer nad level virtually all the way, except for some very short up/down parts.

This walk takes you along the top of the wall, but there is a broader path running more or less parallel below it. A few short stretches are little more than narrow tracks not well suited to wheels. 

Starting point is St Mary the Virgin church. From the church's car park, keep the road to your left and make your way up to the top of the Roman wall. This picture shows the wall as seen from the car park.
Follow the path to the edge of the fields.
To your right, the fields should now sprawl into the distance.
The path temporarily narrows and dips down before leading back up to the top of the wall.
Looking back, you can now see St. Mary the Virgin, Silchester.
Ahead, the path stretches along the top of the wall; alternatively, here's another chance to take the lower path.
The path now runs straight for about 5 minutes.
To your left, the vegetation temporarily gives way to a view into the distance.
You get to another short track leading down to the main path, but this can still be ignored.
Looking back, a pretty view of the church nesteld in between the trees.
Going forward, the wall now becomes more prominent and curves to the right.
A first glimpse of the excavation site in the distence.
View to the left, away from the excavation site.
Approximately 15-20 minutes from the start, a large gap appears in the wall. This used to be one of seven gates leading into Cavella.
The wall now majestically towers above. Unless you wish to fight your way through increasingly dense vegetation, we suggest to join the main path now.
Soon, only a small, overgrown part of the wall remains visible.
From here, the path mostly meanders through trees and bushes.
About 10 -15 minutes from the Roman gate, you get to a kissing gate. The path is clearly signposted.
Soon, you reach the excavation site. Plenty of information boards help get a good sense of past life in both Roman and Iron Age Cavella.
The path now leads straight back towards the St. Mary the Virgin church, which also is worth a visit.
To get back to the car park, go through the gate to your right near the church and follow the path.
To go to the Amphitheatre (first), don't take the gate mentioned above (instead follow the path).
This walk takes the cut-through by the church, which is normally open 365 days a year, from 09:00 to sundown.
With a bit of luck, you might spot grazing Lamas near the path to the church.
An easy way to the Amphitheatre is to turn left from the church, and a short walk along Church Lane to the gate on your left.
Follow the path, and after a couple of minutes or so you will reach the entrance to the amphitheatre.
Up to over 7,000 spectators were entertained here. Horse bones found suggest equestrian events (also) took place.
The amphitheatre marks the end of this walk. From here, just walk back to the gate and then on to the right to the car park.

How to get there

See our main Roman Silchester page for how to get there. St. Mary's church is a bit further down the road, near the Amphitheatre.