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Home to magnificent landscapes, the Thames Valley is a great destination at any time of the year, offering something for everyone - from leisurely boat trips and activities such as horse riding to historic villages and extensive walks in rural countryside.
Many great places along the River Thames are only a stone's throw from historic sites, great shopping and extensive recreational areas.

the area, its rich history, interesting facts and more
Things To Do
Around The River Explore the some of the sheer endless possibilities around the River [...] read more
Cycling There are plenty of excellent cycle routes in the Thames Valley, whether you are a keen mountain biker or looking for an easy track suitable for the [...] read more
Shopping Whether you are looking to do some serious all-day shopping, or maybe browse small shops and craft stalls as part of  a day out, the Thames [...] read more
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Places To See
Attractions The Thames Valley is home to many great attractions, from castles to Theme [...] read more
Heritage Sites Steeped in history, the Thames Valley has many well-preserved heritage sites. They are diverse in nature, such as Roman settlements or more recent [...] read more
Galleries and Museums The Thames Valley is home to many fantastic arts galleries, often in great locations perfect for a day out.
Thames Valley Info
The Region Where does the Thames Valley start? Where does it end? Some facts and a definition of what constitutes the Thames Valley.
Interesting Facts Reaching back in history, these interesting facts allow an insight into the changes in the Thames Valley over the centuries.
Maps In order to help with your trip to the Thames Valley we have selected a number of maps, covering various areas and interests. The links take you [...] read more
Books In order to help with your trip to the Thames Valley we have selected a number of books, covering a wide range of interests from adventure walks to [...] read more
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